Group Sessions

Fun & New Friends

Due to Covid, all holiday and group activities are on hold until further notice. 


Private (one-to-one) Pony Sessions are available (for ages 2 and a half to 8 years). 


Sessions include:

- A ride in the enclosed riding arena

- A Forest ride through our private woodland

- Grooming (brushing) the pony

- Decorating mane with bows and ribbons

- Learning to safely lead and handle a gentle, well-behaved pony. 


30 mins: £40

45 mins: £50


For older and more advanced riders, Forest hacks are available.

Please ring for details: 07523 35 9904 

Tiny Tots’ Shetland Pony Fun Sessions


2-hours (4 - 12 riders)

£30 per child

Tiny Tots' Shetland Pony Fun Sessions are for ages two and a half to four and a half years old. 


Activities include such things as:

  • A mini riding lesson in the sand arena

  • A mini pony-trek through our private woodland

  • Brushing the ponies and decorating them with colourful bows and ribbons

  • Learning how to safely approach and lead a well behaved Shetland pony

  • Mucking out

  • Mounted games


We break for juice and a snack roughly halfway through (50 minutes into the session). Parents are encouraged to take part alongside their little ones.


All of our ponies are chosen for their exceptionally kind temperaments and gentle dispositions.

Saturday Pony Fun Club

10:30 - 15:30

£50 per child 

Our Saturday Pony Fun Club is aimed at riders aged 5 to 10 years old who are confident and happy to be left at the stables without their parents. These sessions are 5 hours long and usually have 10 - 16 children participating.

Activities include:

  • A riding lesson in the sand arena

  • A pony-trek through the woods or around the golf course

  • Pony grooming and decorating competitions  (colourful, sparkly bows and ribbons provided!)

  • Learning how to safely approach a pony, put on a head collar and lead a well-behaved pony

  • Mucking out a stable or pony-paddock

  • Learning to care for a grass-kept pony​

  • Learning to care for saddles and bridles

  • Learning correct equestrian terminology 

Mounted games and other competitions are usually a highlight at these events (prizes always awarded).


We break for juice and a snack roughly halfway through, but children are welcome to bring along their own snacks and refreshments.


Last Saturday of each month

0752 3359 904

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